Alpha 0.14.5 Test Build Now Available

Alpha 0.14.5 is now available on the Test Build branch. This is a “small” update/patch while work continues on the planetary exploration update. The planetary exploration update is coming along very well, but more development time is still needed.

Some of the new changes in Alpha 0.14.5 include new mining/deconstruction selection graphics, updated map sizes, HUD inventory options, colonist priority improvements, updated UI elements and more. See the release notes below for the full list of changes and fixes.

For information about accessing the Test Build branch click the link below:

Release Notes


  • Added: New option buttons for the HUD Inventory list. Can now sort alphabetically and by quantity. Can toggle list/category view and hide items that have zero quantity.
  • Changed: HUD Inventory panel now has a background. Background opacity increases when moused over.
  • Changed: New game interface window elements have been rearranged and updated.
  • Changed: New game map sizes are now 80×80, 100×100 and 150×150
  • Changed: Added new background on various floating windows such as in game menu and load game.
  • Changed: Notification icons now slide out to the left of an open info window instead of being hidden behind it.
  • Changed: Reduced the amount of ore contained in deep mining tiles.
  • Changed: Mining and Deconstruction tile highlight are now visually different each other.
  • Changed: More noticeable work speed increase from colonist job levels.
  • Changed: Camera edge scrolling now works with info window open on right screen edge.
  • Changed: Fixed a couple of typos and updated some object descriptions.
  • Changed: Various colonist action costs updated to better behave with assigned job priorities.
  • Changed: Medi-Bed screen now lights up when in use by a doctor.
  • Changed: Optimized various model textures for better performance.


  • Fixed: Disabled objects not disabled after loading save game. This fix will only apply to new save games.
  • Fixed: Multiple item chests spawning on top of each other
  • Fixed: Lock cursor to screen stops working after tabbing away from the game and returning.
  • Fixed: Water Pump/Power Generator providing resource if conduit under generator isn’t built yet.
  • Fixed: Colonist not using crop fields if aeroponic farms are placed, but there is no available plant nutrient.
  • Fixed: Camera Edge scrolling not working diagonally when moving mouse to the corner of the screen.


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