Alpha 0.14 :: Test Build Now Available!

Alpha 0.14 is now available for testing! Alpha 0.14 brings a host of new additions including new crops, crafting recipes, rooms, objects and more!

Click below for information about what the Test Build branch is and how to access it:

For more information about this version, including the full release notes, check out the Alpha 0.14 Test Build discussion:


The Bio-Lab room has been added and can be populated with Algae Farms, Aeroponics Farms and Aquariums for growing new crop types. The Aeroponics Farm allows for faster growth and greater output for existing plant crops.

The research interface has been completely rebuilt as a visual tech tree. New research projects have also been added to unlock some of the new recipes/machines.

9 new food/meal recipes have been added. The food processor is required for processing some raw food ingredients into usable items for cooking. Meals no longer completely deplete the hunger meter, but is now based on nutrition and satiation values. More information added to in game guide under Needs.

Roster Management
Various production machines now have a colonist roster which allows players to manage what colonists can operate that machine. Colonists will only work at machines with an empty roster or a machine that has their name on the roster.

Alpha 0.14 has a lot more additions/changes and fixes. For more information and the full release notes check out the Test Build Discussion:


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