Alpha Demo 1.1 Update

I’m very excited to announce a new version of the Mercury Fallen Alpha Demo. This update should hopefully resolve a lot of the game breaking bugs as well as add several new features/improvements to the game. Please contact me and let me know if you find any bugs, have some suggestions or just want to say hi.

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Starting Conditions

There have been a lot of changes to the starting conditions of the game. Players will now start with the utility room and engineering room already built. A power generator and the new bio-refiner are also made available at the start of the game.

Structure resin is now craft-able at the bio-refiner station (engineer profession). Dirt now drops mineral compound when mined which is refined in to structure resin. Some starting structure resin can be acquired by mining wall debris.

Clone Chamber

The cloning chamber was not functional in the previous version and this was not made clear. My apologies for any frustration caused by that, but the clone chamber is now functional and ready to go. While the cloning process is planned to be a lot more detailed in future, the current iteration allows users to start popping out new random clones to expand the work force. The clone chamber does require both power and water to function.

Water Supply

Water conduits have been added and the water pump is now functional. Much like power some machines will require water and need to be connected to a water pump using water conduits.



There were certainly plenty of bugs caught in the last version and I’ve managed to track down and get them fixed. Many users complained about the fridge not working and that was definitely my fault. Before releasing the demo I had made changes to how inventory worked and the fridge was set to only store 1 item (whoops). Colonists also had no clue what to do with items they had in their hand that couldn’t fit in storage. These, and many other, issues have been resolved.

A big thanks for all the great feedback that helped me track down these issues.


Alpha Demo 1.1 Release Notes


  • Added Bio-Refiner station (Engineer profession)
  • Added BioPlastic recipe
  • Added Structure Resin recipe
  • Added Water Pipe
  • Water pump now generates water and some machines now require connected water pipes to operate.
  • Improved starting conditions to include bio-refiner, power generator as well as the rooms for both machines.
  • Mined dirt now drops minerals which must be crafted into structure resin in the Bio-Refiner
  • Wall Debris now drops structure resin when mined
  • New object placement visual
  • Professions now have tooltips
  • Colonist starting attributes and age are now better randomized at start.
  • Minor visual tweak to ore tiles
  • Cloning Chamber can now be used to generate more colonists when connected to power/water sources.
  • Updated controls help window with new information
  • Removed save/load/settings buttons from game menu until they are functional
  • Metal walls changed to better match doors
  • Main menu now has direct link buttons to website/social media.
  • Sleeping particle effect added for when colonists sleep to better show they’re sleeping and not dead.


  • UI elements no longer cut off or completely missing when using resolution aspect ratios other than 16:9
  • Various object resource requirements updated for better game balance
  • Colonists should now store potatoes in the fridge.
  • Colonists should no longer get stuck when attempting to haul items. Items they can’t fit in storage will be placed on the ground.
  • Clone Chamber should have proper mouse highlighting
  • Cook station should now properly check if it’s connected to power/water before allowing colonist to cook
  • Wall materials should correctly update relative to facing floor tiles


5 Replys
    • Structure resin (used to build storage and other structures) previously dropped from dirt. Wall debris now drops initial structure resin when mined. Additional structure resin can now be crafted at the bio-refiner using an engineer with mineral compound which is mined from dirt.

  1. For some reason my guys keep going in a walking animation but they are stuck at their place even though there is plenty of room to walk, why is that?

      • Thanks for playing! That is a good question and certainly odd behavior. Please use the contact form on the contact page of the site to submit a report. Include any additional relevant information. I’m not sure why this is happening, but these types of issues are certainly under investigation. 🙂


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