Developer Log #14 :: What’s Next?


With the latest release of Mercury Fallen I believe I’ve stabilized many of the core issues players had with the game. Creating a completely new colonist behavior system may have been overkill, but I wanted to ensure that the system would expand well as I continue to add new content and colonist interactions.

I’ve been working on Mercury Fallen for over a year now, and it has only recently reached a point where players can start to enjoy the game. I’m very excited to hear about player experiences and feedback as it provides me with good motivation. There is more content and updates coming for Mercury Fallen as I transition over to an early access alpha release.

Early Access

The goal for Mercury Fallen has always been to get the game to a state where I can transition to a paid early access model. The current demo version will remain free, but future alpha/beta releases will be purchasable. This paid version will continue to live on Itch.IO, but I do hope to bring it to Steam as well.

I don’t have a final price set yet, but it will include all future updates to the game. I also plan to make experimental versions available for those interested in testing new features before they are pushed into the stable version of the game.

Why Early Access?

Mercury Fallen is the creation of a single developer and so far the only return on my investment has been the joy of creating the game. While I would certainly love to offer my games for free, the reality is that I need monetary support in order to further development. I think it’s easy these days, with all the freely available content on the internet, to forget that any business needs a return on investment. I have a passion for game development and want the opportunity to continue creating great games for great players.


I’m truly excited about where the game is headed and it’s the game I’ve always wanted to play. I hope that you’ll be a part of that journey and help make Mercury Fallen the best that it can be.

The early access alpha is coming soon. If you have any questions/concerns please contact me.


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