Developer Log #15 :: Alpha Progress

We’re getting closer and closer to the alpha release of the game, but it’s taking a little longer than expected. I’m working to ensure there are solid core features of the game in place before releasing the alpha. There has been a lot of testing and I’m working on some final features and bug fixes.


Saving The Game

One feature that has been highly requested from the demo feedback is the ability to save/load your game progress. This is currently being worked on and should be ready for alpha release. Saving progress is certainly important and ensuring that it does so reliably takes some time. The core features of save/load is in place and I’m just working out the bugs.


Stasis Capsules

One exciting new feature are the stasis capsules. Your colonists now start in stasis capsules which can be opened by selecting them and clicking open. Additional capsules have been lost and are scattered across the map for you to find while expanding the facility. This provides another means to get colonists.

Stasis Capsules In Mercury Fallen


There has been a lot of changes in the game related to resource requirements for construction projects as well as speeding up some of the early mining/construction in general. Stay tuned for more updates.


The alpha version is coming along very well and will be available very soon!


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