Developer Log #16 :: Robots & Job Roles

Mercury Fallen - Custom Colonist Colors

Mercury Fallen development never stops and I’ve been working on adding robot workers and other new features. Robot worker have always been part of the original plan for Mercury Fallen and I’m excited to finally start adding them in.


Robot Workers

Robot workers are cute and cuddly mechanized workers that will do your bidding while your human colonists focus on more important tasks. Worker robots function similar to human colonists, but are not able to do all the tasks a human colonist can.

Mercury Fallen - Robot Worker

I’m still working on implementation, but the plan is for robots to consume power at charge stations. They don’t require food or happiness, but make for great miners and builders.

Job Roles

A highly requested feature and something I’ve been working on is the ability to choose multiple professions instead of just one per colonist. Professions are being replaced with Job Roles which function similar to professions, but you can now select multiple job roles such as having a colonist that can do both mining and building.

A new job role also comes in to play with hauling. This allows you to toggle on/off the ability for colonists to haul items to storage that are left on the floor. This may be a task best suited for your new robot workers.

Colonist Colors

Since professions are being replaced and professions previously had unique colonist outfits I’ve switched control over to the player. Manage job roles and set custom colonist colors to manage your colonists how you want.

Mercury Fallen - Custom Colonist Colors




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