Developer Log #18 :: Management

The 0.04b update for Mercury Fallen largely resolves the reported performance issues that players were having with the game which means I can return my attention to content updates. Better facility/colonist management is now back on the priority list and I’ve made some great progress this week.

Colonist Management

A highly requested feature is the ability to manage colonist job roles from a single screen instead of having to track them down individually. This has certainly been the plan from the start and it’s great to finally sink my teeth in to creating it. The core functionality is in place and working.

Here is a screenshot on the progress so far.


There is still some additional colonist info I want to put in, but so far it’s fully functional for managing job roles.

Colonist Renaming

As part of the new colonist management system I’ve also added in the ability to rename colonists. Renaming can be done from the colonist info panel and from the new colonist management system.

Mercury Fallen Renaming Colonists


Updated Crops

Something that I personally feel is missing from Mercury Fallen right now is the sense of being on an alien world. The first steps towards fixing that is changing an existing crop and adding some new ones. New crops may not make it in to the next version, but I plan on changing the Hemp plant over to a distant alien cousin.

Mercury Fallen Bulb Plant


I’m really excited about some of the new content and especially the ability to better manage colonists. Keep an eye out for the next update coming soon.




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