Developer Log #22 :: More Power

It’s always been the plan to add additional depth to how power is generated and managed. In the upcoming version of the game the power system is receiving a complete overhaul as well as various other features.

Power Generation

Power generation is currently pretty straight forward and, while I wanted to add depth, I didn’t want to over complicate the new system. The first major addition is that the power generator requires fuel to operate. The basic power generator will require Anthracite, which will provide around 100 units of fuel per piece. The generator sends pulses of electricity through power conduits using 1 unit of fuel per pulse. Machines no longer consume power instantly, but consume power from an internal power buffer which is filled each time an electrical pulse reaches the machine.


Each machine has an idle and active power consumption rate. The Bio-Refiner, for example, consumes a certain amount of power form it’s internal buffer when enabled, but consumed more power when in operation by a colonist.

As power flows through the conduits it degrades meaning that machines farther away from a generator will receive less power or possibly no power at all. This means that generator locations are important.

Future plans include additional power generation methods as well as power storage.  This new system of flowing resources will apply to water conduits as well.


Machine Interaction Visuals

Some machines will now have an idle and active visual. The screen on the Bio-Refiner will now light up when a colonist is using the machine. This is also setup for the Ore Refinery and I plan to add additional visuals for other machines as well.



Steam Release

Over the last few weeks I’ve been preparing the game for release on Steam. Things are coming along very well and I hope to have an official release date soon.


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