Developer Log #30 :: Food & More

Howdy Folks. Since the last update I’ve been working on a bunch of new content for the next update. Things are coming along very well and I wanted to cover some of the new things coming in the next update.


More Food Options

Mercury Fallen :: New Crops

The poor colonists are currently existing only on mashed potatoes, but more meal options are incoming. Several new alien crops are being introduced into the game. Some of these new crops will need to have it’s seed discovered and researched before it can be planted. How new seed discovery items are found is still being worked out, but some of them will be discover-able in item chests similar to some of the technology blueprints. These new crop types will open up a whole bunch of new food recipes at the cook station.

Bio-Lab Room

Mercury Fallen :: Bio-Lab

In addition to new crops, there is a new room and new machines being added. The new Bio-Lab room will be a required room for the new Algae Farm, Aeroponics Farm and Fish Tank.

Aeroponics is a new crop growing machine that will be required for some of the new plants that won’t be plantable in a normal crop field. The Aeroponics Farm will be able to grow all crops as well as a provide a bonus growth speed, and possible bonus yield, to crops that can be grown in the crop field. The trade off to the Aeroponics is that it will require power, water and botanical nutrients to operate. This does not replace the crop field as Aeroponics will only be available after certain discoveries and research.

The Algae Farm is used as an additional food source for new food recipes. There are some additional plans for Algae that will come in future updates as well.

Finally the colonists will have a source of protein from the Fish Tank. I’m still working on the over all production cycle of the fish tank, but the end result means some fish based meal options.

And More

While the core focus of the next update is the new food recipes, crops and room, there are some additional things that I’m working on that may make it’s way into the next update. One feature I’m working on is colonist machine rosters. This would work by selecting a production machine and choosing what colonists can operate that machine. When a colonist looks for a job they will only be able to work at a machine that does not have anyone on its roster or a machine that has a roster with their name on it. Each machine can have multiple colonists assigned to it and this new system should allow for better control over where a colonist is working as well as ensuring the various machines get properly utilized. This new system is very much still in the design phase so any and all feedback is welcome.


There is still a lot more work to be done for the next update, but it’s progress is coming along very well so far. Thanks to everyone who has provided some great feedback so far. Let me know what you think about these new features.




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  1. Hi Tim: I like the new room the Bio room and the new foods and Fish tanks. New Machines should require experience levels or training classes to operate so that everyone can’t operate them. As of now, I assign work by intelligence levels so I don’t have all being able to Mine and only some to use the Refiners so this is a tool to define work options at the moment. The clone machine could be used to grow the type of worker needed by applying the attributes needed in the cloning process. New machines should need higher levels of experience. such as a level 8 Botanist or higher can operate the Bio-Lab and higher levels to operate other machines like the Robot builder.
    This appears to be near the same Idea you are using with your own variations. Good Job ! I am looking forward to the new Updates.

    • My apologies for not responding sooner. Certainly an interesting idea. I have had some thoughts on level limitations for various things.
      Right now the job levels just affect how efficient they are at doing that job, generally in the way of performing the job faster. I have thought about level requirements for certain machines/tasks/recipes, but need to ensure the player can’t get into a situation where they are unable to proceed because they can’t get their colonist to the proper level. Additional cloning options should certainly help with this, as well as some machines for training colonists to higher levels. Thanks again for the great feedback!


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