Developer Log #57

Howdy Folks!

Hope everyone is healthy and staying safe. Since the release of the Farming & Harming update I’ve been working hard on the next batch of content. The next update will primarily focus on changes to surface content. The first batch of changes will be coming to the Experimental branch soon.


The word on the street is that expeditions require too much micro management and become a bit of a chore. To resolve this, points of interest will be chosen during expedition creation. The expedition team will automatically travel to each POI and back to the facility to dock. A notification will appear each time the expedition team has arrived at a POI with an expedition report.

I’m also experimenting with changing the food requirement to use separate expedition supply items that provide travel rations. The amount of travel rations required would depend on the total travel distance and the amount of passengers.

Points Of Interest

Points Of Interest are getting updated to provide more up front information regarding what is required and a risk assessment. This will allow for better choices when settings up an expedition.

POI generation will no longer use the Comm Station and radar towers, but instead become visible as you uncover the surface.

Surface Resources

Harvest-able surface resources will no longer be infinite or mine-able on any tile. Surface resources can be scanned for and, once detected, will appear in explored areas.

Experimental Branch

I’m working to bring the first batch of changes to the Experimental Branch soon. For those interested, this will be a great way to help test and provide feedback on the many additions and changes.

Thanks for all the great feedback and stay safe!

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