Developer Log #64

Howdy Folks!

Hope everyone out there is doing well. A huge thanks for all the great feedback on the Stressed Out update. It’s always great to hear what you like and what you don’t. While there may still be further tweaks and additions to the content that was added so far, I wanted to cover some of the new content that is in development.

New Game Options

The New Game interface is getting an overhaul that will allow for more control over starting conditions and colonist selection. The new game design and options are still in development so there aren’t any pretty pictures yet. More information coming later.

Training Equipment

Training equipment will allow you to increase your colonists muscles, athletics, smarts and train job roles.

This will include new rooms and objects so you can train up the best colonists. This is still in the design phase, but the current concept includes the ability to assign colonists for training. While colonists are assigned for training they won’t perform other tasks.

Job roles would be increased at a VR Training Station and require consumable training cards. Training cards would be craft-able items that train specific jobs.

Additional Mod Support

Mods are currently limited to adding or changing xml data. While this will continue there are a new set of tools in development that will allow for visual assets.

Mercury Fallen is developed using the Unity Game engine. The Mod Tool will depend on using Unity to export visual assets. While some basic familiarity with the Unity game engine would be very helpful, I’m currently writing new documentation to cover the new tools.

The Mod Tool is only required if creating custom visual assets for your mod, but can be used to setup your mod folder and edit mod info.

If you’re creating a language mod or just game tweaks then the existing mod creation methods will remain the same. The creation of xml data is still required to define new objects and is done separately from the Mod Tool.

When the next update enters the experimental branch for testing, the Mod Tool and initial documentation will be made available at that time.

If you’re a mod developer, certainly let me know what you would like to be able to create.

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