Developer Log #66

Howdy Folks!

It’s that time again to see what’s being worked on. Update 29 was originally intended to focus on colonist training, but I got a bit side tracked with some other features and tweaks. Now that those features are out the door, I’ve continued work on colonist training and, of course, some new tweaks.

Colonist training will allow you to train attributes and job skills. This is especially useful for newly created clones that may not have the attributes or job skill you hoped for.

Attribute Training

Colonists will be able to increase their athletics and muscles by hitting the gym. Additional equipment is in development for training smarts as well.

The way it currently works is that colonists will spend time training if they don’t have any active jobs to do. While this is functional, I’m also looking into adding some more control over colonist priorities outside of work activities.

Job Training

The memory transfer station is in development to help train job skills. The memory transfer station will allow you to train a job skill from one colonist to another.

This means you can take a colonist who is already high level in a given job and transfer their skill to another colonist up to that level. The memory transfer will still take a bit of time, but far faster than the old fashion way.

Tech Tree

The technology tree is getting a visual upgrade. The updated tech tree shows much more information at a glance including unlock items, cost and if there are required discoveries.

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Keep an eye out for more information and certainly let me know what you think of what’s in development.


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