Developer Log #68

Howdy Folks!

The latest update focused primarily on content related to the facility. The next content update will shift focus to additional surface expansion, primary campaign goals and perhaps a bit more.

Update 30 Survey

If you have a few minutes and want to let me know what you think of the game and what you’re most interested in about it, then be sure to check out the survey link below.

Update 30 Feedback Survey


The game is currently a bit of an open-ended sandbox. My plan has always been to include more story content as well as an overall goal to the game. This is something I’ve been working on for a long time and it’s now ready for some implementation. I’m currently working on a new mission system that will replace the getting started guide and add many new missions to direct the player towards story goals.

Missions will provide more information as well as trackable objectives. Missions will be used to guide the player toward story goals as well as provide, in some instances, new rewards.

I’m also looking into adding smaller side missions that would be generated by colonists. Colonists could make requests such as wanting a functional kitchen, an assigned bed etc.. These side missions could result in various rewards or positive/negative results depending on user choices.

Story Content

While I have a story system in place that is primarily used for expeditions, this system didn’t have a very good front end for creating these stories. Up to this point I’ve been writing content in a word processor and then manually setting up all of the functional data for a story to work in-game. This resulted in a few problems:

  1. Stunted content: Due to not being able to see how a story segment flowed lead to writing shorter content with fewer options.
  2. Errors: Manually setting up the data was more prone to errors from user input
  3. Slower iteration: Testing stories was slower as I had to set up the data, load it in, test and repeat.

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve completed a dedicated story editor to solve these issues.

With the new story editor, I can easily view the flow of a story, it’s less error prone in terms of having correct data structure and I quickly test a story to see how it’s working. An additional benefit is that modders will be able to use this tool to create story content as well.

Using the new story editor, I’ll be able to create story content much more quickly and easily for future releases. This means you’ll get more story content, as well as stories with more choices and depth.

The next update will focus on adding the first chapter of the primary campaign. This will include new expeditions, discoveries, research and surface side structures. Much of this is still being worked on so, unfortunately, I can’t go into too much detail on exactly what will be included. What I can say is that there are some big changes and additions in development. More information will be available as development continues.

Thank you, everyone, for the great feedback and support.

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