Developer Log #72

Howdy Folks!

I moved into my new place a couple of weeks ago and things are starting to settle a bit. The new place is great and I have a dedicated space for my office now instead of it being in my living room. Not a lot to go over this time, but I wanted to let you all know I’m mostly back on track development wise. Thank you all for the amazing support and patience. I’m super excited to get back to working on new content.

Window Sequence System

A big part of the new content being added is the mission system. With this new system I also wanted a better way of having full screen notifications when a new mission is added. Given more than one mission can get added at a time, in some cases, I wanted a way of showing windows in sequence instead of everything showing all at once and being a jumbled mess.

After making some modifications to my window panel system I can now queue windows for display instead of having them appear immediately. As a window closes it will show the next in the queue and so on until there are no more left in the queue. This was a simple addition, but cleans things up and should help to provide more information to the player.

When Is The Next Update Coming?

Great question. My goal is to have a version of the next update available on the Experimental branch in about two weeks. This should include the new mission system, story content and a few other user interface tweaks.

Thanks again for all the great support. What content are you most looking forward to?

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