Happy Holidays!

Howdy Folks!

It’s that time of year again and I want to wish everyone a very happy and or merry holiday season! I am very thankful for all of the support you’ve given me this year.

As the year nears its end, I want to take a look back at some of the content that has been added to Mercury Fallen.

Year In Review

It’s been quite a year for Mercury Fallen. Lots of new content, tweaks, fixes and more.

The Stressed Out update brought the janitor job role as well as a complete re-work to the quirk system. Colonists were finally able to relax with the new arcade machine and dart board.

The Copy & Paste update added a bunch of new selection visuals, quality of life changes and, of course, the ability to copy and paste various settings between machines and colonists.

A brand new room was added and new objects to train attributes. The memory transfer station for transferring job skills, schedules and more were also added in the Training Update.

And finally in the latest release there was a complete overhaul to the planet map visuals and some new surface power generation structures.

What’s Next?

I’m super excited about what comes next for Mercury Fallen. In the short term I have some smaller content updates planned that will add some quality of life features, new artwork and balance tweaks to make progression a bit smoother.

Moving forward there will be further focus on surface content, a new mission system and the campaign storyline that will breathe more life into the world of Mercury Fallen.

These new features will result in additional research, new resources and mechanics. There is some fun stuff in the works and I look forward to bringing it to you all.

Thank you all so much for the amazing support and feedback. Have a wonderful Holiday and New Year!

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