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Howdy Folks!

Hope everyone applicable had a happy and healthy Thanksgiving yesterday. I had a good Thanksgiving that I spent with some family.

As a solo developer I really love sinking my teeth into developing new content and making the game great, but in order for the game to continue to be developed, I must also spend time marketing the game. Self promotion is something I struggle with, but promote I must. So onward to the marketing and a sneak peek at the end.

Autumn Sale

The Steam Autumn Sale is upon us and Mercury Fallen is now 25% off! It’s a great time to grab a copy, gift a copy and tell your friends.

Labor Of Love Nomination

Be sure to nominate Mercury Fallen for the Labor Of Love award on the store page.


I recently announced the release of the first wave of Mercury Fallen Merch available here. Be sure to go check it out and get some sweet merch.


If you want to help support development of Mercury Fallen and future projects I hope to create, then be sure to become a patron. Your support, for as little as $1 a month, would be amazing.

New Content

Now for the part every one is here for. Thanks for much for not scrolling to the end to get to the good bit. As I’ve mentioned before I’m working on some smaller patch/content updates before moving on to another larger content update. In the next patch update I’ll be adding wall posters and wall signs.

Like planters and hologram emitters, you’ll be able to choose what is displayed on the sign/poster after it’s placed and constructed. Some poster/sign options will be unlocked via research. I’m also working on some additional options for the holographic emitter, but it may or may not make it into the next content update. Keep an eye out for more updates.

Thank you all for the amazing support and feedback.

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