Mercury Fallen :: Alpha Demo

A lot of work has been poured in to Mercury Fallen and there is a lot more to come, but I’m certainly at a stage where I need feedback on the game to see what people think. I released an alpha demo on and the feedback so far has been overwhelming.

Alpha Demo

Play The Alpha Demo On Itch.IO

Mercury Fallen still has a lot more to come and while the alpha demo is free I’m working to transition over to a paid early access model. The reason I released the alpha demo before doing so was that I want to ensure the game is at a fairly stable point before putting a price tag on the product.

The alpha demo will continue to be updated while I also push forward towards paid early access. I want to give a huge thanks to those that have played the game as it really helps to motivate me to continue development. There are a lot of fun things in store and it’s only with great people like you that we can make Mercury Fallen the best it can be.


Let’s Play Videos

I’ve had a couple of great let’s players check out the alpha demo on their YouTube channels and I’ve received a flood of emails with awesome feedback, suggestions and bug reports. I am very excited as this really helps me see what I’m doing right and what needs further improvement.

A big thanks to BaronVonLetsPlay and Zueljin Gaming for playing the Mercury Fallen alpha demo on their channels.



3 Replys
  1. found out about this game from Z’s video.
    are there any forums for the game?
    i downloaded the demo and no matter what screen resolution options (size/windowed) its unplayable c/o the left and right sides being cut off screen. the portion that’s in the FoV looks like it runs fine. the menus are off screen, or half off screen.
    i played Dont Bite Me Bro’s demo as well, it looks like the same launcher, but no issues with the FoV on that one.

    • Thanks for checking out the alpha demo. That is quite strange indeed. I’ve yet to to have a similar report of that problem. Please use the contact form (under contact) and report the issue so that I can better respond. Thanks again.


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