Mercury Fallen Now In Alpha

Mercury Fallen Alpha 0.01


I’ve been developing Mercury Fallen for a little over a year now and while there is a lot more development to come I’m excited to announce that Mercury Fallen has reached Alpha! For those wanting to get in early and join the development of the game it is now available for purchase on Itch.IO.


Here are some of the new features in the alpha release of the game.


Save/Load System

The most requested feature from the pre-alpha demo was the ability to save your progress. The alpha release almost didn’t have this feature, but I felt it had to be added. Save your progress and continue expanding your facility later.


Better Looking Water

The water tiles have been completely recreated to look a lot more like water. The water also uses a custom shader so that it’s nicely animated. While this doesn’t add a new game play feature to game it certainly looks pretty.

Better Looking Water



I’m constantly working on better balancing used resources and providing purpose to the resources available. Bioplastic, created using hemp, is now used in various construction projects and the starting amount of steel has been greatly reduced. There are a lot more refined/crafted resources in the works and I’m always looking for feedback to ensure there is  fun and meaningful balance.



Durability now shows in the info panel for applicable objects. This is useful for mining and deconstructing so that you can now see how far along a colonist is in this process. While objects, in general, don’t currently take damage and require repair this is something that the new durability system will allow for.

Durability Meter


Notifications will appear in the top right for various events that occur in the game. Completing research, colonist death and machines completing their crafting for example. With this structure in place you can be sure that more notifications will be coming.


Alpha Release

Help support the development of Mercury Fallen and join the adventure. Mercury Fallen is created by a single developer and I’m excited to continue developing Mercury Fallen. Feedback is always welcome and much needed. Thanks to all who have supported the game so far and a big welcome to those who come next.


Alpha 0.01 Release Notes



  • Save/Load system added.
  • Colonists now start in Stasis Capsules that need to be opened
  • Additional Stasis Capsules are scattered around the map
  • Durability info now shown for selected objects
  • Mineable sources now show what they contain
  • Mining/deconstructing will decrease durability of object
  • Added new tooltip ui when hovering over objects or colonists
  • New game UI now bigger and minor tweak to map art
  • Better looking water
  • Notification on colonist death
  • Notification on data recovery complete
  • Notification when craft station has completed all items in queue
  • Can now enable/disable applicable objects in their selection window. Disabled objects will not use power/water.
  • Steel recipe now requires Metallurgy data recovery project
  • Bioplastic now used to build some objects
  • Copper now used to build Power Generator
  • Adjusted build time on various objects
  • Reduced mining times
  • Power Generator now produces less power
  • Starting amount of steel reduced
  • Removed map type option when starting a new game
  • Removed 150×150 map size. Largest map size is now 100×100.


  • Object select window no longer appears when selecting tiles for mining/deconstruction
  • Fixed issue where builders would ignore valid build projects if resources are not available for one of them
  • Removing craft item from queue now properly removes active recipe
  • Fixed issue with engineer not crafting in some situations
  • Removed In game feedback as it was not working. Feedback buttons now open website contact page.
  • Fixed issue with map not updating when changing map size in new game window



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