Mercury Fallen Now On Steam

I am very excited to announce that Mercury Fallen is now on Steam and will be available for purchase October 16, 2017. Be sure to add it to your wishlist and get notified when it’s available for purchase.

Anyone who has purchased the game on Itch.IO will have access to a free Steam Key so they can add the game to their Steam Library. More information on how to redeem Steam Keys will be available for Itch.IO customers soon.



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  1. I wonder if this is not a little bit too early for the jump to steam? Seeing the vitriol of the gamers there for early access games, I fear your game will be hit upon very hard for the lack of content (this is asuming not much content will be added to it till 16. October

    • Early Access is a great system that, unfortunately, has been so often abused. The support I’ve received on Itch.IO has been awesome and I hope to earn the trust of the Steam community.


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