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In the previous Developer Log I covered the new content coming to the game. This included additional mod support, training equipment and new game options. I had originally intended to group all of this content together for the next major update, but I’ve decided to get the additional modding support out the door first as a smaller point release.

I’m also currently considering breaking up some of the other content into smaller incremental updates. This would mean getting smaller content updates out quicker. This is not always possible as some content changes require quite a bit of additional work to support.

Additional Mod Support

Update 28.1 is now available on the Test Build branch. As this is a smaller release I’m skipping the experimental branch. Mods in 28.1 can now support custom 2D and 3D artwork which means modders can now add new objects and icons to the game.

If you’re a modder and want to check out the new modding tools be sure to check out the Test Build branch. Be sure to join the Mercury Fallen discord where you can find the modding text channel to ask questions, report issues or let me know what you think.

Update 28.1 Test Build Info

Modding Documentation

About Test Build Branch
The optional Test Build branch is for testing the latest features before they go live to everyone. As it is a testing version there can be more bugs/issues than in the normal version. If using the Test Build branch, please report any issues you encounter or any feedback on new game play mechanics. Your feedback and/or reports will help to ensure the final version is the best it can be.

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