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Howdy Folks!

Patch Update 28.1 is now available and includes additional modding support as well as a few tweaks, changes and fixes.


Mods can now support custom artwork including 3D models and icons. There is a new mod tool available for setting up your custom artwork. A new guide covering custom artwork has been added to the Steam guides section.

UI Changes

A few UI tweaks have been added, but the most notable is a rework of the Add Item Order interface for crafting stations. The recipe list is now visible via icons on the left hand side instead of buried in drop downs.

Check out the release notes below for the full list of changes.

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Release Notes


  • Uploading a mod will display a new window where a mod tag can be set before upload.
  • Updated how models/icons are handled via xml files to allow for modded content
  • Mod Tools now available on Steam as a separate download under Tools
  • Added new guides added to Steam guides
  • Updated existing mod guides
  • Updated downloadable tutorial mods


  • Updated look of craft queue Add Item Order window
  • Added Disable All Mods button to mod manager list
  • Improved the look of input field text
  • Improved the look of drop down menu text
  • Changed look of enable/disable button in info window footer
  • Removed enable/disable button from colonist info window


  • Create Expedition window now includes information stating that setting destinations is an optional step
  • Can now embark without food items if expedition team only contains robots
  • Minor update to Surface Resources guide section
  • Minor update to Rooms guide section to include information on maximum room size
  • Xeno mold event can now only spawn after day 50 instead of day 25
  • Change to button click sound effect


  • Fixed: Resource scanner guide topic button opens POI info instead of resources section
  • Fixed: Explore POI vehicle action not cancelled if no POI destinations selected
  • Fixed: Job roles still limited by attributes in challenge mode. This was not intended in update 28.
  • Fixed: Crop disease not removed correctly after clearing the crop. This caused colonists to not use crop fields that previously had crop disease. Also caused crop disease to spread invisibly to other crop fields.
  • Fixed: Crop disease visual effect not appearing right away when event is triggered
  • Fixed: Placed arcade cabinet causing in game menu to not work correctly if construction not finished


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