Patch Update 21.0.10

Howdy Folks!

Hope everyone had a great weekend. As I recently posted on the Steam forum there was a big issue related to colonists not hauling to construction projects. I discovered an issue with how item reservation was being handled or, to be more exact, not being handled correctly.

In addition to fixing the construction issue there are some new performance tweaks. These performance improvements should be most noticeable in the later part of the game when you have several more colonists running around.

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Release Notes

  • Performance increase when colonists are checking surrounding cells
  • Performance increase when colonists are checking for available craft stations
  • Fixed: Colonists not clearing reserved items for pickup if they become unavailable. This caused colonists to think items had been delivered that were not. Most noticeably this caused colonists to stop hauling items to construction projects.
  • Fixed: Memory issue related to colonist action planning
  • Fixed: Missing damage/death audio for deep driller bot


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