Patch Update 21.0.13

Howdy Folks!

Work has commenced on the next content update, but in the meantime, some additional issues were brought to my attention. This update includes a few small additions and several bug fixes.

I’m working on various UI improvements as well as changes to game balance and progression which will be included in the next content update. Keep an eye out for more information regarding these changes in the next developer log.

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Release Notes

  • Added Deselect All option buttons for mining and deep mining.
  • Added button click audio to various tab/toggle buttons
  • Added pickup and dropoff sound for storage and item containers
  • Added plant harvested sound
  • Adjusted volume/range of various sounds. Still needs more work.
  • Colonists now default to idle animation instead of showing t-pose when loading saved game.
  • Updated how colonist portrait icons are generated to attempt to resolve issues with them not appearing in some instances
  • Re-worked some user interface code to prepare for new content
  • Fixed: Performance issue when colonists are hauling items to storage when there are many items on the ground
  • Fixed: Equipment items unable to be installed and not appearing in hud inventory after loading a saved game.
  • Fixed: Various callback issues in inventory system
  • Fixed: Highlighted colonist card not being removed properly when closing colonist management screen using tab/escape button.
  • Fixed: Expedition vehicle not being loaded correctly in some instances causing expedition team to become disconnected from expedition.
  • Fixed: Colonists loading incorrect instance IDs causing rosters to not load correctly


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