Patch Update 21.0.2

Thank you to everyone playing Mercury Fallen and a big thank you for all the feedback. Patch update 21.0.2 is now available on Steam.

Release Notes

  • Colonists will now abort current action on a machine if another colonist is coming to repair the machine. This should reduce instances of machines breaking down completely.
  • Reduced the distance colonists will wander aimlessly
  • Craft queue item now has a red background when paused
  • Research Items that can’t be researched due to missing discoveries now have a tooltip
  • Fixed: Some stats showing above 100% in colonist management side info
  • Fixed: Selection collider on plant pot
  • Fixed: Vehicle Bay returning build materials when deconstructed even if no materials have been delivered
  • Fixed: Equipment Item removal confirmation shown when removing equipment item that hasn’t been installed yet

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