Patch Update 21.0.6

Howdy Folks!

Another day and another patch update available on steam. Patch update 21.0.6 addresses issues related to how colonists collect and deliver items. It also minimizes instances of colonists not aborting jobs to go do important things like not starving to death.

Release Notes

  • Added additional checks to help ensure colonists abort work actions to fulfill critical needs such as eating.
  • Colonists will now find closest table to eat at
  • Colonists will now drop any items they are carrying on the floor when going to sleep
  • Removed some debug code that caused a slow down during game load in some instances
  • Added simple construction queue list to debug menu which shows top 5 objects in queue. Construction queue management coming in future update.
  • Fixed: Colonists not finding a valid eating table to sit at in some instances
  • Fixed: Colonist going to collect items from containers that don’t contain the items they need to pickup if items are spread over several different containers
  • Fixed: Colonists not collecting available items to bring to construction in some instances
  • Fixed: Highest priority construction project not highlighted in green after loading a saved game

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