Patch Update 21.0.8

Howdy Folks!

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Here are more tweaks and fixes for your Mercury Fallen experience. Thank you everyone for playing and supporting Mercury Fallen.

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Release Notes

  • Vehicle Bay now states what job role is required for material deliver
  • Robot Assembler now states what job role is required for material deliver
  • Crop growers now state what job role is required if waiting for crops to be planted/added
  • Fertilizer now shows in crop field/aeroponics farm fertilizer list if unlocked in research without having any available
  • Crop Field/aeroponics farm will now show a warning if fertilizer has been set, but none of that fertilizer is available.
  • Items in craft queue now have a job role icon next to output item
  • Updated look of colonist hair
  • Fixed: Aeroponics Farm requiring fertilizer item even if none was set
  • Fixed: Colonists not bringing plant nutrient to crop field/aeroponics farm
  • Fixed: Incorrect stance in colonist portrait picture


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