Patch Update 23.1

Howdy Folks!

Thanks for the amazing feedback on the New Beginnings Update. More content in development, but wanted to address a few reported issues.

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Release Notes

  • Expedition story positive/negative success chance based on attribute/job level is now capped to 25%
  • Expedition story success chance now gains a +5% bonus if colonist stress is %5 or less
  • Lowered athletics attribute requirement for a certain POI expedition
  • Expeditions in expedition list now show action description when moving
  • Improved vehicle auto explore logic. Auto exploration will now prefer exploring tiles closer to the facility first. Further improvements to this logic are being worked on.
  • Fixed: Research Points total not showing correctly on research screen after loading a save game in certain situations
  • Fixed: Expedition story actions success chance showing less than 1% chance if less than 10% chance
  • Fixed: Robot out of power icon shows near elevator when robot is on an expedition


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