Patch Update 23.2

Howdy Folks!

It’s patch time again. Patch update 23.2 includes a few fixes and some improvements. Thanks for the great feedback on Update 23. It’s always good to hear what you like and what you don’t. Development has started on the next content update and more information will be available in the next Developer Log.

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Release Notes

  • Added Cancel All button to bottom of construction queue
  • Added action information to object info windows. Action information will show if a colonist is coming to perform or currently performing an action on this object.
  • Vehicle auto explore will now actively find and go to un-scanned tiles in it’s vision range
  • Improved vehicle auto explore behavior. Auto exploration will now check several unexplored bordering tiles closest to the vehicle and go to a close tile that is also closest to the primary facility. This should reduce aimless wandering.
  • Fixed: Incorrect description on Fridge
  • Fixed: Job level does not increment in colonist info window when gaining enough experience for a new level without closing and reopening to the info window
  • Fixed: Game becomes unresponsive if selecting an object while it’s being deconstructed in certain situations
  • Fixed: Enable/Disable button showing on harvest-able crops
  • Fixed: Missing language strings


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