Patch Update 24.1

Howdy Folks!

Thanks for all the great feedback on the Farming & Harming update. This small patch update includes some additions and fixes such as cave worms, conduit highlighting, missing arrowhead fungus seeds and more.

Conduit Highlighting

I’ve added a small, but useful, feature which will show icons for nearby power and water conduits when placing objects.

This is a helpful way to see where your conduits are during placement without having to double check the conduit view mode.

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Release Notes

  • Added Cave Worm item which is produced at the Water Trap
  • When placing objects, power and water icons will appear on the ground to show nearby power and water conduits
  • Arrowhead Fungus research no longer requires bio-samples to unlock
  • Fish Flakes recipe can now use cave worm as an ingredient
  • Blue fish and green algae now have a lower chance of being generated at water traps
  • Increase to the amount of received bio-samples from some expeditions
  • Door, damaged door and elevator now provide structure support against caveins
  • Fixed: Arrowhead Fungus wild plant not producing seeds when harvested. This is a random chance and won’t occur every harvest.


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