Patch Update 25.3

Howdy Folks!

There has been a whole lot of new Mercury Fallen players and a lot of great feedback. Thank you to everyone, as always, for the amazing feedback on the game. Knowing what you like, what you don’t and where you get stuck helps to improve the game in various ways.

Patch Update 25.3 provides improvements to the UI, various tweaks and some bug fixes. See the release notes below for the full list of changes.

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Release Notes


  • Added pop-up tip that shows when first opening the colonist management screen. This will show the first time a save game is loaded as well, but only the first time.
  • Added brightness game setting
  • Improved visibility of help button on info panel sections
  • Craft queue items now show total amount of output item stored/available under output button
  • Aquarium now shows hover warning icon if out of fish food
  • Updated Points Of Interest guide topic as information was no longer correct as of Update 25
  • Updated Builder job role description
  • Updated various tooltips to provide additional information.


  • Fixed: Game becomes unresponsive if blood fish die from starvation in aquarium
  • Fixed: Fish food still being consumed even after fish are harvested
  • Fixed: Fish food amount in aquarium not saving/loading
  • Fixed: Tooltips cut off at edge of screen in some instances
  • Fixed: Tooltips not appearing on tab section buttons
  • Fixed: POI story window cut off on some ultra wide resolutions
  • Fixed: Construction button bar overlaps vehicle action buttons on ultra wide resolutions
  • Fixed: Colonists planting crops in a diseased crop field
  • Fixed: Colonist becomes idle and stops performing any tasks if unable to find a path to recharge an EMG
  • Fixed: Aquarium generating internal error if loaded from save game before construction has been completed


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