Patch Update 28.2

Howdy Folks!

Thanks for all the great feedback and bug reports. Patch update 28.2 has a few fixes and adds a new quality of life feature.

Global Inventory

In the global inventory list you can now pin items and or categories. Pinned items/categories will appear at the bottom of the screen for a quick quantity reference. Up to four items and or categories can be pinned, but can be changed at any time.

Keep those suggestions and bug reports coming. See the release notes below for all of the changes and fixes.

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Release Notes

  • Up to four items and/or categories in the global inventory list can now be pinned. Pinned items/categories will appear at the bottom of the screen.
  • Global Inventory list quantities now use shortened values. Ex: 1200 = 1.2k
  • Minor change to the look of thermal vents
  • Fixed: Colonist trapped in phantom expedition in some instances after loading a save game
  • Fixed: Craft Queue not functioning properly due to missing recipe in some instances
  • Fixed: Objects that can’t be disabled saving in a disabled state in some instances. This resolves issues with janitors not cleaning valid targets.


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