Patch Update 30.4

Howdy Folks!

Patch update 30.4 addresses a few more reported issues and adds a couple of quality of life changes.

Bed Assignment

When assigning colonists to a bed, a check mark will appear next to colonists that already have a bed assigned.

Planet Minimap

Vehicles will now appear on the planet side minimap. Vehicles on the minimap are colored differently depending on their type. This was technically a bug, but I’ll count it as a new feature.

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Release Notes


  • Bed assignment list now shows colonist portraits instead of colonist gender icon.
  • Bed assignment list now shows a checkmark icon next to a colonist if they already have a bed assigned.
  • Updated the text quality of the vehicle info in the vehicle list.


  • Fixed: Vehicle action description hidden behind upgrade buttons in vehicle list if text is more than one line.
  • Fixed: Colonists not appearing on minimap when spawned from capsule or generated from cloning.
  • Fixed: Robots not appearing on minimap when activated or created.
  • Fixed: Vehicles not appearing on planet minimap.
  • Fixed: Crop disease not removed when a colonist harvests an infected crop.


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