Patch Update 30.5

Howdy Folks!

So it has come to my attention that there are a few issues with the new scheduling system. After running some tests, the colonist schedules are a bit too rigid. Colonists are not performing work actions during sleep/recreation times even if their needs have been met. This leads to a bit too much time where colonists are just wandering around aimlessly even though they could or should be performing work related tasks.

This patch update adds in some changes to how colonist schedules function to help make your colonists a bit more efficient. This should also help alleviate some confusion on why colonists aren’t doing their jobs.

Thanks for all the great feedback and bug reports. Certainly let me know of any issues with this latest update.

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Release Notes


  • Sleep/Recreation periods increase priority of eating/sleeping, but now also allow for work actions if needs are met.
  • Improved text quality of colonist and research subheader buttons
  • Pinned inventory item tooltip now displays total count
  • Robots now have a separate attribute handler. Any mod changes to GDColonist data will have to be updated.
  • Robots now move at 50% speed when power is low or empty
  • Changed formatting of shortened forms of long numbers to display only one decimal place. Example: 10.23k will now display as 10.2k
  • Changed how text is displayed in story windows


  • Fixed: Pinned inventory items not displaying icon
  • Fixed: Pinned inventory items not displaying text correctly
  • Fixed: Robots idle during sleep/recreation/training periods


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