Patch Update 31.1

Howdy Folks!

Thanks for all the great feedback so far on the Energized update. With that update out the door, I’ll be focusing on some smaller updates. These updates will tweak, change and fix various aspects of the game.

The Energized update was originally intended to include the new mission system and the first chapter of story missions. The mission system and the story missions are still being worked on and will be coming in a future update.

UI Tweaks

The section buttons and global inventory have undergone some minor changes to make things a bit more compact. Further tweaks to global inventory are planned in future updates.

This update also contains some additional tweaks and a bunch of fixes. Check out the release notes below for the full list.

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Release Notes


  • Facility management section buttons going down the left side of the screen now show horizontally from the top left corner
  • Facility management windows now take up the full screen
  • Minor update to the look of the HUD inventory
  • HUD inventory now defaults to not showing item categories
  • HUD inventory now defaults to not showing items with zero quantity
  • HUD inventory now shows category icons
  • Bio-refiner renamed to Bio Refiner
  • Ore Smeltery renamed to Ore Smelter
  • Arcade Cabinet, Punching Bag, Treadmill and Reading Station now have an equipment slot
  • Data Server now has an equipment slot


  • Fixed: Game crash when returning to main menu and then attempting to start a new game or load a save game
  • Fixed: POI locations that aren’t reachable by expedition vehicle are still able to be selected. This causes various issues with expedition logic.
  • Fixed: Haulers not hauling fuel to generators in some instances
  • Fixed: Deselecting a tile for mining while a colonist is mining that tile will cause the colonist to become stuck in that action.


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