Patch Update 31.3

Howdy Folks!

Patch update 31.3 is now live! This is a smaller update that includes balance tweaks, some changes and a few bug fixes.

Game Balance

It has been expressed to me from many users that they struggle to have enough material to reach the planet surface. This is primarily due to a lack of steel. Unfortunately this is not always consistent due to the procedural nature of the maps. It does happen often enough that I wanted to tweak this a bit.

While users were struggling to produce enough steel, they had an abundance of mineral compound for making structure resin. In this update I’ve added a new item called hardened structure resin. This new item, made in the smelter, requires 5 structure resin and 1 hematite. Steel usage, for surface progression, has been decreased in favor of hardened structure resin. I’ve also increased the structure resin usage for most of the objects in the game.

Thanks for the feedback during the experimental branch. Certainly let me know what you think of the new changes. Check the release notes below for the full list of changes and fixes.

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Release Notes

Balance Changes

  • Added Hardened Structure Resin item, recipe and research
  • Updated many object build requirements to use additional structure resin
  • Updated several object build requirements to use hardened structure resin in place of regular structure resin
  • Updated several object build requirements to use less steel
  • Worker and Driller bot recipes now require iron ingots
  • Increased surface resource scanner speed

Misc. Changes

  • Updated the icons for advanced and superior scanner equipment to make them more visibility different
  • Batteries will no longer be added into the power meter and total stored value if disabled
  • Improved performance for colonist path validation
  • Exploration vehicle exploration behavior has been changed so that multiple vehicles won’t follow along the same paths.


  • Fixed: Batteries still providing power even when disabled
  • Fixed: Surface tile scan overlay not updating without toggling it off and back on again
  • Fixed: Performance issue if exploration vehicle no longer has any tiles left to explore
  • Fixed: Error that can occur if Xeno Mold event attempts to spawn at the edge of the map
  • Fixed: Aquarium has incorrect selection collider


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