Patch Update 31.4

Howdy Folks!

Patch update 31.4 focuses on a few reported issues. Thanks for the great feedback and reports. 🙂

Check the release notes below for all the included fixes.

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Release Notes

  • Fixed: Colonists stuck in a loop picking up and dropping off seeds when attempting to plant them if a colonist is assigned both the botanist and biologist job roles.
  • Fixed: Colonists stuck in a loop attempting to harvest crops in some instances.
  • Fixed: Game crash, in some instances, if returning to the main menu and starting a new game or loading a game
  • Fixed: Unable to use mouse scroll wheel to scroll global inventory if hovering over an item category header
  • Fixed: Particle effects not always being properly removed
  • Fixed: Missing text string for depressed attribute effect
  • Fixed: Missing text string for motivated attribute effect


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