Patch Update 32.2

Howdy Folks!

Here is another small update to address a couple of issues, but also add a couple of new features. Thanks for all the great feedback and suggestions. Be sure share some of those great ideas on the discord community.

Sand floors will now appear below mined sand tiles. This will only show in a new game as it’s part of world generation.

When switching to power or water mode the camera will now switch to a top down view to make it easier to place and modify conduits.

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Release Notes

Additions & Changes

  • Camera will now switch to a top down view when entering power or water view mode
  • Added sand floor tiles that appear below mined sand walls. These will only appear when starting a new game.
  • Clicking the minimap to move the camera will no longer remove current selection target


  • CMineable components can now use a loot_table tag instead of resource_item to use a loot table. The amount tag is still used to determine total output amount from the mined source.


  • Fixed: Game crash when returning to main menu in some instances
  • Fixed: Selecting objects for mining/deconstruction/paste sometimes not correctly selected in some instances


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