Patch Update 32.3

Howdy Folks!

TGIF! Hope everyone has had a great week. I’ve certainly been on a roll this week and to keep things going here is another patch update. Patch Update 32.3 has some more fixes, but also a new feature related to colonists cards.

Colonist Cards

Colonists cards in the colonist management screen are now colorized based on a colonists action state.

Action States

  • Gray = Idle
  • Orange = Work
  • Blue = Sleep
  • Magenta = Training
  • Green = Recreation

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Release Notes

  • Colonist cards in the colonist menu are now colorized based on action types.
  • Fixed: Unable to move camera forward and back when in top down view
  • Fixed: Camera rotation changed after exiting top down view than it was before entering top down view
  • Fixed: Resolution reset to lowest resolution instead of default if settings window is unable to load stored resolution value
  • Fixed: UI scale setting not loading correctly in some instances


1 Replys
  1. Magenta = training. That reminds me of a possible bug I have observed. I tried to use the training station that trans skills from a trainer. Set it up on the station but the trainer took time out of the day to show up. Only the trainee was sitting on the machine awaiting training. The schedule was the default schedule. It looked like the trainer prioritized his own physical exercise over the training assignment.


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