Patch Update 32.4

Howdy Folks!

Hope everyone had a great weekend. I just wanted to push another patch update out the door to address a couple of new and old issues. With some new reports and new data I was able to find and fix a couple of issues related to settings as well as power conduits. Be sure to take a look at the release notes below.

What’s Next?

With the Phone Home update released, I’ve been planning out the next content release. As shown on the roadmap the next content update will focus on an overhaul to the new game interface. This will add various starting options to control your gameplay experience. Further details about this and other content in development will be coming in the next developer log so stay tuned 🙂

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Thanks for reading and for the great feedback and reports. 🙂

Release Notes

  • Added “Disable Conduit Top Down View” to control settings. When enabled this will disable the camera view from auto switching to a top down view when entering water or power conduit mode.
  • Fixed: Resolution setting resets to 640×480 when opening settings window in some instances
  • Fixed: Haul request data not loaded correctly from save game for launch pad rocket construction. This causes the rocket to not receive all materials if loaded from save game in some instances.
  • Fixed: Electric power networks not being rebuilt correctly when adding/removing conduits in some instances. This caused various power network issues including, but not limited to, objects getting power when they shouldn’t, objects not getting power when they should, total power amount generated/used showing incorrectly and flickering power.


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