Patch Update 33.1

Howdy Folks!

The Choices update was released last week and I’ve been busy working on a patch update to address some reported issues as well. A huge thank you for all the amazing feedback and support.

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Xeno Mold

Xeno mold, in its current form, replicates per piece of xeno mold. This means an exponential spread of xeno mold as each new piece of xeno mold generated determines if/when it spreads to an adjacent tile.

In a previous update I made it so that the spread would reduce and come to a stop if xeno mold was above a certain threshold. While to meant it would stop spreading too far, each piece of xeno mold removed by a janitor was quickly replaced. If you didn’t get to the xeno mold quickly and didn’t have a lot of high level janitors this meant your colonists were affectively shoveling against the tide.

I’ve made a small, but important change to the xeno mold event that should help to make it more manageable and less frustrating. Instead of allowing each piece of xeno mold to replicate, the xeno mold event now generates a xeno mold controller. This invisible controller handles the generating new pieces of xeno mold and will remove itself once a pre-defined maximum amount of xeno mold is generated. The spread is now linear instead of exponential and once the controller has finished generating xeno mold the janitors can clean it up without more taking it’s place.


There are several fixes in this patch including a fix to colonist age generation, custom names not working during crew assignment, scenario data not saving in some instances and more.

Check the release notes below for the full list of changes and fixes. Thanks for all the feedback and certainly let me know what you think of Mercury Fallen.

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Release Notes


  • Xeno mold now has a maximum amount it will spawn per event. Once this max value is reached the xeno mold will stop generating to adjacent tiles, allowing for easier management and clean up.
  • Cleaned up recipe xml data to remove references to older input_items tag. This should remove some confusion on what data is needed when generating recipes in mods.
  • Increased custom colonist and vehicle name length from 18 to 20 characters


  • Fixed: Setting a name during colonist crew selection not applied to colonist
  • Fixed: Colonist spawn profile data not loading max age value correctly. This caused colonists to get spawned with much lower ages then intended.
  • Fixed: Unable to drag select an object for deconstruction if another non-destructible object occupies the same tile.
  • Fixed: Events still triggering if trigger chance was set to 0% during scenario setup in some instances
  • Fixed: Character limit not enforced when renaming a colonist via the colonist management screen.
  • Fixed: Resource transport vehicle loading/unloading resources without having to travel to the mining platform to get the resources. This would occur if the destination was unreachable by the vehicle.
  • Fixed: Scenario settings not being saved if saving a game originally created in the phone home update.
  • Fixed: Cave in event notification text incorrectly states flooring prevents cave ins
  • Fixed: Vomit on floor sometimes shaped like a female colonist
  • Fixed: Cave Salad not requiring sponge stalk as an ingredient item
  • Fixed: Opened stasis capsule info window shows warning info that is no longer relevant


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