Patch Update 33.4

Howdy Folks!

A huge thanks for all the feedback and support. Great to see all of the new and existing players enjoying Mercury Fallen. Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been working on tweaking and fixing a whole bunch of things. There are still more tweaks and fixes in development, but I wanted to get a bunch of them out the door now.

There are more tweaks and fixes coming, but keep an eye out for the next Developer Log where I’ll cover some of the larger changes and additions in development. Thanks everyone and have fun out there!

Check out the release notes below.

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Release Notes


  • Replaced mining selection audio effect
  • Updated or added UI audio effects to provide better consistency
  • Color picker will now close if clicking the color button again or selecting a color
  • Botanists harvesting wild crops will now drop the crop on the ground instead of putting it in their inventory. This allows them to move on to gathering more crops instead of bringing the items back immediately.
  • Solid fuel generator will no longer consume fuel if not connected to a power network
  • Solid fuel generator will no longer consume fuel if there are no active consumers on it’s power network
  • Aquarium now shows the Drop Harvest On Ground toggle when waiting for egg delivery. This matches the behavior seen in algae farm, crop field and aeroponics farm.
  • Added Drop Harvest On Ground toggle to water trap
  • Decreased base efficiency of water trap.
  • Robot equipment items now have a separate item category called robot equipment
  • Robots now have their own selection sound effect
  • Secret audio effects that occur on specific dates

Fixes :: Language Strings

  • Fixed: Missions header language string not working
  • Fixed: Missing language string for Disable All Mods button. Added language string: modmgr.disableallmods.btn
  • Fixed: Missing language string for new save game button in save game list. Added language string: savegame.createnewsave.label
  • Fixed: Missing language string for track/untrack button tooltip. Added language strings:,
  • Fixed: Missing language string for randomize button on new game interface. Added language string: uigen.randomize
  • Fixed: Attributes and quirks headers in new game interface not using existing language string data

Fixes :: Audio

  • Fixed: Toggle buttons playing click effect audio multiple times when clicked or being played when toggle is being initialized
  • Fixed: Incorrect audio effect for key remap buttons
  • Fixed: Incorrect audio effects for load game list items
  • Fixed: Incorrect audio effects for save game list items
  • Fixed: Incorrect audio effect for game menu button click
  • Fixed: Missing UI audio effects for various UI controls

Fixes :: Misc

  • Fixed: Mining selection mode not properly disabled if switching to build mode via the eye dropper function
  • Fixed: Newly spawned robot not auto selected when activating inactive robot
  • Fixed: Water Trap bait bonus applied even when no bait is provided
  • Fixed: Water Trap bait tooltip says bait is required when it is not. Tooltip updated.
  • Fixed: Assigned colonist as trainer for Memory Transfer Station preferring to use other training equipment when they should be training.
  • Fixed: Custom scenario missing iron ingots in default supplies
  • Fixed: Several formatting mistakes in story dialogs
  • Fixed: Last column of color picker cut off by scroll bar
  • Fixed: No Water hover icon appearing over objects that aren’t constructed yet
  • Fixed: Colonist action planning and state data not properly cleaned up. This caused memory/performance issues over longer play times.


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