Patch Update 33.5

Howdy Folks!

The recent summer sale has brought in a whole bunch of new players and I want to relay a huge thanks for all the great feedback I’ve received. It’s awesome to hear what you like and what you don’t so I can continue to make Mercury Fallen the best it can be.

As mentioned in the previous update I’m currently focusing on a series of smaller patch updates to add some “smaller” features, changes and fixes. Patch update 33.5 isn’t quite the laundry list the last patch was, but it has some fun new additions and important fixes. We were some the best.

Planet Map Filters

Squirrelled away in a new tab of the planet map interface lies the map filters. These filters allow you to toggle the visibility of various planet map features such as resources, POIs and buildings. This can be helpful to declutter the map if you’re looking for a specific thing.

Planet Map Eye Dropper

The eye dropper tool now works on the planet map. Shift clicking an existing building will put you into build mode so you can quickly build more.

Schedule Duplication

I’ve added a duplicate button to colonist schedules. This allows you to duplicate any existing schedule instead of only being able to create a new, default, schedule.

There are a couple more changes and some important fixes. Check out the release notes below for the full list. Thanks everyone and certainly let me know what you think of the new changes as well as what you would like to see in Mercury Fallen.

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Release Notes

  • Added planet map filters that are available in the new options tab. Planet map filters allow you to quickly toggle the visibility of different entities.
  • Updated the look of item tooltips
  • Eye dropper (shift+lmb) now works for surface structures
  • Added arrows to new game section buttons
  • Can now duplicate existing colonist schedules by pressing the duplicate button on a schedule
  • Fixed: Construction queue not showing correct order if using the High Priority button for surface structures
  • Fixed: Shift Clicking on the surface map causes object construction info to appear in some instances
  • Fixed: Shift-clicking on the surface map while in vehicle move mode causes the vehicle to teleport to the bottom left corner of the map
  • Fixed: Mining selection audio becoming increasingly louder in some instances
  • Fixed: Background of lower hud bar now blocking mouse clicks


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