Patch Update 33.6

Howdy Folks!

Patch Update 33.6 has a few fixes and a big change to the object build menu.

Object Build Menu

I say this a lot these days, but this one has been on my to-do list for a long time. I’ve reworked the object build menu items slightly and added sub-categories. This should help to organize the objects better and help you more quickly find what you’re looking for.

The storage category has been removed. Storage items are now in sub-categories that are more relevant to what the storage container is used for.

Survey Time

The latest feedback survey is now available. If you have a moment, certainly let me know what you think. It really helps to know what you like and what you don’t. Thanks for all the great feedback so far!

Feedback Survey

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Release Notes


  • Updated day/time text on the planet map to use improved text rendering like other ui elements
  • Updated the look of items in the build object menu
  • Build object menu broken down into sub-categories
  • Some objects in the build menu are now in a different category
  • Removed storage build category
  • Object build info on planet map no longer shows size info as it’s not relevant
  • Water traps are no longer required to be placed at the edge of water tiles.
  • Colonists will now avoid standing in the same tile as another colonist in some instances


  • Fixed: Incorrect audio for remove button on new game colonist section
  • Fixed: Shortcut for mining/deconstructing toggling visibility of mining/deconstruction filters instead of changing mining/deconstruction mode
  • Fixed: Pressing the shortcut for mining/deconstruct with planet map open makes keyboard movement stop working for planet map.
  • Fixed: Aquarium food level text doesn’t update color when receiving food while info panel is open


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