Patch Update 34.1

Howdy Folks!

Thanks for the amazing feedback on the Surface Control update. With that out the door, I’ll be focusing on smaller updates to address issues and add some smaller content. This first patch update addresses a few critical issues that were reported and makes a couple of tweaks.

There are some additional patch releases coming that will include some new decoration options and further tweaks/fixes. Thanks again for all the feedback and let me know what you would like to see in Mercury Fallen. 🙂

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Release Notes

  • Active vehicle bay queue items now states if it is waiting for materials delivery
  • Active vehicle bay queue item now has outline
  • Planet map now has a separate “paused” graphic that appears over the map when the game speed is paused
  • Increased the bonus of vehicle mining speed equipment items
  • Updated notification text of new surface resource deposit to improve clarity
  • Drop on ground toggle for crops now visible before selecting a crop or crop is planted
  • Fixed: Story header text incorrect for several poi stories
  • Fixed: Mining equipment item for buildings has incorrect attribute effect
  • Fixed: Tier II building equipment item research not requiring blueprint discoveries
  • Fixed: Incorrect description for building/vehicle mining equipment items
  • Fixed: Waypoint selection instructions don’t disappear when canceling the Explore POI action
  • Fixed: Vehicle height position not loaded correctly in some instances
  • Fixed: Vehicle Explore POI action not loading correctly


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