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Howdy Folks!

1.0? Wait… what? Version 1.0 is coming, but not just yet. There are a few more major updates planned to lead to 1.0. So what does it mean to be approaching 1.0, what will 1.0 include, and is this the end of the road for Mercury Fallen? Find out next time on- I mean find out right now!


There are three major content updates planned before the final 1.0 content update. While these updates have a primary focus, there will be additional content included in these updates that isn’t specifically listed in the roadmap. This is generally the case with most of my updates. Additionally there will be bug fix and tweak updates in-between the major content updates.

What Does 1.0 Mean?

The 1.0 update means Mercury Fallen leaving Early Access. Leaving Early Access, however, does not mean that there won’t be further updates to the game. I will continue to add new content and fix any issues that arise. Content updates may be a bit slower once the game has left Early Access as I do have plans for future projects after Mercury Fallen.

The version 1.0 update will finalize the story campaign missions with a final goal. While the campaign will have an “ending”, this won’t mean you can’t keep playing after you’ve accomplished the final goal.

So What’s Next?

The surface content has been through quite a few revisions since it was first added to the game. Based on your feedback, this content needs some further tweaks to reduce the amount of micro-management and make it feel like less of a chore.

The Surface Control update aims to streamline how vehicles are interacted with. This should provide more autonomy to vehicles and less micro-management. In an upcoming developer log, I’ll cover this in more detail.


I recently updated the trailer for Mercury Fallen. Figured it was about time. 🙂

Thanks everyone for the amazing feedback and support. Let me know what you think about the roadmap.

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