Spatial Awareness Update

Howdy Folks!

I’m super excited to announce that Update 27 :: Spatial Awareness is now available! While the primary focus is the addition of functional rooms, there are a lot of other tweaks, fixes and changes.


Room data is now automatically created when you construct an enclosed area with walls and a door. A new rooms overlay toggle will show valid room areas. A room type is defined by the majority of flooring within a room and some benefits are only applied to objects if they are in the correct room type. Rooms are automatically updated as flooring and walls change.

Clicking on a floor tile within a room shows the room information panel. Decor, lighting and efficiency attributes are applied to rooms, and they affect colonists and machinery in various ways.

The room decor score is based on the tiles within the room and can be improved by adding decorations. The lighting score can be improved by adding lights.

Efficiency is the average score of the decor and lighting attributes. Efficiency provides boosts to crafting station speed, sleep times and more.

Colonist Cap

The starting colonist cap has been reduced from 10 to 5 colonists. This means that O2 generators are a bit more important for expanding your colony. This change only affects new games.


Colonist sleep time has been adjusted to a more realistic amount of time. Sleeping on a bed now offers a time reduction over sleeping on a mat or the floor. Sleep time is further reduced by an efficient bedroom.

New Attribute Effects

Colonists now receive a stress effect based on the quality of the room they sleep or eat in. They will additionally receive stress effects if not sleeping or eating in a room.

Storage Containers

Newly constructed storage containers will now have all items disallowed. A hover icon and info warning will appear to show that the container hasn’t been configured.

Additional Tweaks & Changes

Objects now show a hover icon and info warning if they can’t be reached by a colonist for construction.

Cloned colonists are now generated in the same way colonists appear from a stasis capsule. Clones will have a primary job and applicable attributes. This behavior may change in future.

Check the release notes below for the full list of additions, changes and fixes. Thanks for all of the support and awesome feedback.

Let me know what you think of Cyberpunk 2077.. I mean Mercury Fallen.

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Release Notes


  • Added functional rooms. Rooms are automatically created when creating an enclosed space with walls/doors. Selecting a floor inside a room will show information about the room. Rooms have several attributes that affect colonists and actions in various ways.
  • Added Overlay button to toggle room visibility
  • Added Keybind to toggle room visibility
  • Added Guide topic for rooms
  • Added stress effects for sleeping depending on room decor
  • Added stress effect for not sleeping in a room
  • Added stress effects for eating depending on room decor
  • Added stress effect for not eating in a room
  • Added stress effect for not eating at a table
  • Some job actions now gain a benefit from being performed in a room. Up to a 20% work success chance bonus based on room efficiency. Applicable jobs also receive -10% to work success chance if not done in a room. Jobs like mining that would generally not be performed in a room are unaffected.
  • Room wall material now changes based on adjacent room instead of adjacent floor
  • Sleeping time in a bed or mat decreases by up to 25% based on room efficiency

Colonist Cap

  • Reduced starting colonist cap from 10 to 5. Does not affect cap in existing save games.
  • Stasis capsules can’t be opened if at or over colonist capacity
  • Stasis capsule info now shows separate warnings if stasis capsule is blocked or facility is over capacity
  • Colonist capacity info now colored orange if at capacity
  • Colonist capacity info now shows warning icon next to number if at or above capacity
  • Added information about how to increase colonist cap in colonist count tooltip

Colonist Sleeping

  • Sleeping now takes a more realistic amount of time. ~8 hours on a sleeping mat, ~6 hours in a bed and ~10 hours sleeping on the ground.
  • Sleeping in a bed now uses energy refill rate instead of a predetermined amount of time.
  • Estimated sleep time now displayed in object build info menu

Storage Containers

  • Set Allowed items list for storage now highlights the line you are hovered over.
  • Newly constructed storage containers now start with no allowed items.
  • Storage containers now show hover icon warning if no items are set in allowed items
  • Changed storage icon
  • Updated ui text renderer in Set Allowed items list in storage.

Tweaks & Changes

  • Added locker furniture item
  • Items on the ground now generate negative decor
  • Shortcut keys for toggling overlay modes now properly toggles overlay when pressing the shortcut key a second time
  • Attribute effects under Colonist Stats now colored green or red to denote positive or negative benefit
  • Updated look of action success/fail icon that appears over colonists
  • Updated how attribute effects function to allow for attribute effects to be applied more than once.
  • Increased tech fragments rewarded from chests/expeditions. This is a temporary change until new mechanics are in place for acquiring tech fragments.
  • Placed objects that can’t be reached by a colonist for construction will now show a hover icon and warning info
  • Vehicle cargo expander equipment bonuses now stack if using more than one of the same equipment item type
  • Panning the camera using mouse button+drag no longer cancels construction mode. Construction mode is still canceled with a single right mouse button click.
  • Added a notice window that will return the player back to the main menu if loading a save game that has become corrupted.
  • Clone chamber now generates a randomized colonist in the same way as a stasis capsule. This behavior may change in future.


  • Fixed: Incorrect selection collider for doors
  • Fixed: Some mis-spellings
  • Fixed: Missing language string for Battery Booster III equipment item
  • Fixed: Overlay toggle buttons not highlighting to show active overlay mode in some instances
  • Fixed: Available Research count in left button bar incorrect in some instances
  • Fixed: Multiple equipment item effect values not stacking
  • Fixed: Game Event trigger times not saving/loading correctly resulting in events being triggered after loading a save game.
  • Fixed: Missing language string for colonist relax action
  • Fixed: Game crash if loading a save game with modded equipment items, but the mod is no longer enabled


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