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Howdy Folks!

Hope everyone had a great holiday and an awesome new year so far. So far my year is off to a good start and I’ve got a lot of things planned for Mercury Fallen. Below I’ll go over the short term and long term plans for Mercury Fallen.

Removing Test Build Branch

Larger content releases have traditionally started in the experimental branch for initial feedback and then transitioned over to the Test Build branch for final testing before being released for everyone on the main branch. I’ve generally found that most of the feedback and bug fixing tends to come from the experimental branch. Having the two steps of testing hasn’t been largely beneficial, so for future updates I’ll no long be using the Test Build branch.

The Experimental Branch will continue to be used for new content that requires feedback and testing. Once ready updates will go from the Experimental Branch directly to the main branch for everyone.

Update 31.3

A smaller content update will be available on the experimental branch within the next couple of days. This update will focus on some bug fixes, but will also include some tweaks and game balance changes.

Energized Update Feedback Survey

It’s survey time again! If you have a couple of minutes your feedback would be most appreciated.

Energized Update Feedback Survey

Road Map

The above roadmap outlines the next three content updates. While this is the intended order of updates, I don’t have a specific timeline of when they will become available. I will say that a lot of the content for the Phone Home update has already been developed.

While these outline the primary content in each update, there will be additional tweaks and changes in each update as well. I’ll have more information regarding the next update in the next developer log.

Let me know what you think of the upcoming updates and thanks for all the great feedback and support!

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