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Howdy Folks!

Update 30 :: Training is now available for everyone! A huge thanks for the feedback and bug reports during the testing phases. This update adds new equipment to train colonist attributes as well as a new station for training job role experience from one colonist to another. There are also many additional tweaks, changes and fixes.

Training Attributes

Colonists can now train muscles and athletics in the added gym room. Smarts can be trained at the reading station which is a new addition to the recreation room.

The memory transfer station allows you to copy job experience from one colonist to another. Training activities, for attributes and job roles, will only occur during training hours which can be configured in the new schedules interface.


Gain more control over colonist activities throughout the day with the new scheduling system. Schedules can be created and managed in the new schedules management screen.

Recreation and sleeping hours decrease the colonists’ “needs action” threshold. This means colonists will be more likely to eat and or sleep during these activity hours. Colonists will still sleep/eat during other hours, but only if the need becomes critical.

Actions related to training will only be performed during training hours. Free time hours allow colonists to perform as if there is no schedule. They will eat, sleep, work etc. as they would previously without a schedule.

Tech Tree Update

Technology research projects now show more information at a glance including research cost and item unlocks. I’ve also made some small changes to research order as well as research costs.

Be sure to check out the release notes below for the full list of changes and fixes. Thank you all for the amazing support and feedback.

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Release Notes


  • Added the gym room
  • Added physical training research
  • Added treadmill for training athletics
  • Added punching bag for training muscles
  • Added Brain Training research
  • Added Reading Station
  • Added Memory transfer research
  • Added Memory Transfer Station for training colonist jobs
  • Added Training guide topic
  • Added new surface POI for memory transfer blueprint

Colonist Schedules

  • Added colonist schedules to colonist section of management interface
  • Colonists will now only perform certain actions as determined by their schedule
  • New colonists automatically assigned to default schedule
  • Added Schedules guide section


  • Colonists now gain a negative stress effect when over 75% fatigued
  • Updated icon of colonist section button in management interface
  • Updated look of research tech tree
  • Updated look of listed colonists in rosters
  • Update look of assigned colonist list item in bed assignment interface
  • Lowered research cost of Power Storage research
  • Minor change to early research project order
  • Added new opening splash screens
  • Added splash screen when returning to main menu
  • Updated look of discovery and guide section list items
  • Discovery and guide section list items will now stay highlighted when selected


  • Fixed: Hover icon for reachable construction not updating correctly if colonists are on expeditions in some instances
  • Fixed: Input key still triggering if typing inside of a text input field
  • Fixed: Colonist not removed from roster if dead
  • Fixed: Colonist not removed from assigned bed if dead
  • Fixed: Attributes showing incorrect tooltip type in colonist info panel
  • Fixed: Some colonist attributes showing a change rate in tooltip info even when there wasn’t one.
  • Fixed: Some data, importantly colonists, not getting correct instance id values after loading game. This caused a conflict with colonist assignments such as rosters and beds.
  • Fixed: Missing punctuation characters for chinese font
  • Fixed: Chinese font not appearing in drop downs
  • Fixed: Receiving notification of new surface resource deposit for a deposit that was already found in some instances


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