Update 21.0.9

Howdy Folks!

Thanks for playing Mercury Fallen and for all the feedback and support. This update has a couple of fixes as well as an update to Storage Containers.

Storage Containers

While not much has changed to the vertical storage crate, the wide storage crate now only stores raw materials, but it’s capacity has been increased to 4000 items. The model, build requirements, name and description have been updated to reflect its new capacity.


If you’ve had a chance to check out the game since Update 21, and have a few minutes, be sure to check out the feedback survey.

Feedback Survey

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Release Notes

  • Storage Crate (V) renamed to Storage Container
  • Storage Crate renamed to Raw Storage Container.
  • Update model and build requirements of Raw Storage Container.
  • Raw Storage Container can only store raw materials, but stores up to 4000 items.
  • Container storage amount now shows in build menu info
  • Updated look of build menu info
  • Power/Water consumption now shows at bottom of object info panel. Power/Water sections still show in info panel, but this will be removed later.
  • Fixed: Colonists not hauling to construction if primary target is missing materials and second target is too far away
  • Fixed: Colonists saving/loading incorrect instance id values. This can cause two colonists to use the same instance id and be treated as the same colonist.


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