Update 22 :: UI Improvements

Howdy Folks,

Update 22 is here and brings a whole bunch of new user interface changes, bug fixes and a few other tweaks.

Face Lift

I’ve updated the look of many windows in the game, including the object/colonist info window. The object/colonist window now share a uniform tabbed design that allows for better organization of content. Additional changes to where information is located in these tabs will likely happen in future updates.

Construction Queue

A construction queue window has been added that lists objects currently under construction. You can drag and drop items to re-order the list as well as quickly move them to the top/bottom. The list can be filtered by structure category to assist in finding the object your looking for.

Mini-map Improvements

The mini-map can now be zoomed using the scroll wheel. Click and drag to pan the field of view. Colonist dots now have a hover tool-tip.

Planet Map

The planet surface map has had several changes made to its interface. The left side info panel is now divided into tabbed sections and a new section has been added which lists constructed buildings.

A mini-map has been added to the planet surface.

Moving Forward

I had hoped to integrate game balance changes in this update, but the UI changes took longer than expected. The next update will focus on some large scale changes to game balance. Stay tuned for more information regarding these changes.

Check out the release notes below for all of the changes and fixes in Update 22.

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Release Notes

  • Colonists can now walk in water tiles at 50% movement speed
  • Minor change to the look of dirt/ore tiles
  • Doors now have a decor bonus
  • Colonists no longer gain a positive bonus from low stress during poi story actions. This ensures their success chance is based more on skill, similar to robots.
  • Further optimizations to colonist planning and critical need checks to improve game performance
  • Added crafting section to guide
User Interface
  • Added Construction Queue window
  • Added Minimap to planet surface interface
  • Minimap can now be zoomed using scroll wheel
  • Minimap can be panned by clicking and dragging while zoomed in
  • Colonist/vehicle dots on minimap now have a hover tooltip
  • Improved resulting camera position when clicking on minimap to move camera
  • Rebuilt/updated user interface window and tab system with new look and functionality
  • Updated look of object/colonist selection window with new tab display.
  • Planet map side info now divided into tabbed sections
  • Added buildings list to planet map side info. Clicking the buildings icon will move the camera and select the building.
  • Updated look of many in game windows
  • Fixed: Object selection floor highlight creating highlight object data for every placed structure. Now generates data as needed instead of generating them all at start and hiding/showing them as needed.
  • Fixed: Incorrect icons for controls/key binds setting tabs
  • Fixed: Soft lock when loading a saved game or quitting to menu while colonists are repairing machines
  • Fixed: Job role selection window not closing when colonist is deselected
  • Fixed: Stretched textures on dirt/ore tiles
  • Fixed: Vehicle auto explore action not working or behaving erratically
  • Fixed: Storage containers dropping double the amount of resources to construct it when deconstructed
  • Fixed: Rename buttons missing tooltips on colonist management screen
  • Fixed: Can zoom in/out on planet map when cursor is over other interface elements
  • Fixed: POI icons not showing on planet map in some instances
  • Fixed: Minimap updating even when no changes have occured. This should improve performance.


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